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Love those little minds

Hello world and parents, future parents. 

Our family is off and running for fall.  We have started our fall curriculum this week and completed our Camping Pack.  Our camping pack was full of fun things to learn and play. 
We have finished all of our Octopus and sent them home, please check your child's bag for this.  There is two googly small eyes attached to the top of the craft.   Thursday, we started painting a new wall art for the play room. We are so excited to get it hung and shown off to parents and friends. 
Playtime outside is so nice this time of year.  Please remember to please bring a light weight jacket or hoodie/sweatshirt for outside play.  There is still some pesky mosquitoes outside, so do expect some type of bug bites !
Remember the sniffles are coming back and also the fevers and bugs. Please respect all children and other parents. There is a list on the information board concerning the illness that I will allow. To protect my family and our daily visiting fami…

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